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Valmet Technologies

Valmet is a global technology company, having over 40 production units and over a 14 thousand professionals. Marko Reunanen is the Head of Logistics & Material Management in Valmet Technologies. He is working in the paper business.

“Valmet had its own in-house R&D project to be able to load long products into box containers. The solution came from Simec Systems. Now Valmet can load long pieces into box containers and has decreased the amount of open containers. Using Simec Systems increases flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and then also enlarges the possibility to select better transportation solutions for our deliveries.

We are happy using Simec Systems products for the last 2 years. It has been durable and we are really satisfied using Simec Systems FL40.

The main driver for us was that Simec Systems automated loading and unloading systems are easy to assemble and to move from one location to another. The only limitation is the container capacity. Simec Systems solutions fit best for our purposes.”

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