The SK Moving Floor system is built on Moving Floor technology.

  • It is a 10.5 ton frame with Hydraulic legs and wheels, link connectors to the truck
  • Each beam is just 25mm in height allowing maximum loading capacity
  • Handles up to 32 ton in weight
  • Automated load forming and truck loading
  • Load can be formed from behind the SK40 system with a forklift / conveyor
  • Can be used with Simec Autosight
  • Each individual beam movement can be programmed separately for special pallet types with the loading User Interface

Supports:- Steel, wood, plastic pallet loading Loading pallets in any direction (Tetris) Loading boxes without pallets


SK Moving Floor Business Use Case

A European distribution and sales company had a challenge for big loading volume of their products in India. They wanted to Load containers faster and more safely. Company also wanted to increase the container loading capacity and place more products to one individual container.

The solution was to buy SIMEC SK40 to their Indian manufacturing unit.

  • Savings of the 1,8 cubic meters as additional space in the container: 663 Eur
  • Saved time value and increased delivery capacity in India per container: 280 Eur
  • Saved truck waiting time: 60 Eur
  • Increased sales value per container due to customers able to unload the goods from the container with forklift in US and Europe: 180 Eur
  • Less product damages on average per one container: 150 Eur
  • Total cost savings per container: 1703 Eur
  • Shipped container annually: 3600
  • Total cost savings annually: 4 798 800 Eur
  • Investment to new low level pallets: Payback of the SK40 Moving Floor System after: 96 loadings
  • Savings from the system purchase annually: 4 669 800 Eur


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