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Transval Finland

Transval is the biggest logistics service provider in Finland with 250 million Euros of turnover and employing almost 3000 people. The company was looking for an Automated loading truck and container system from the global market. Simec Systems was the best solution they could find.

Transval had a product loading challenge. They needed to load long and heavy items into a container. We wanted to provide them the best possible solution how to load and unload products to standard containers. After a long examination from the market, Transval found Simec Systems Ltd. “We have been using Simec Systems from 2019”.

Transval has been very satisfied using Simec Systems loading and unloading system.

“We have not heard a one single time when when it has not worked, so we have not had any problems using Simec Systems FL40. Transval´s only limitation using Simec Systems FL40 is the capacity of the cargo container. Simec Systems FL40 works for big and heavy loads up to 32 tons as well as for smaller loads. The time a container can stay with us is becoming shorter and shorter. That’s why we use Simec Systems product for pre-loading products our before loading the actual container. Of course, it saves time, but most important for us is that we can load big items and heavy items into the container. Without Simec Systems products we would not load containers at all with big heavy items. FL40 has been very a reliable solution for us. I fully recommend it for everyone!”

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