Added value of Simec Systems products

  • Loads large and heavy items to cargo containers cost efficiently in a single motion
  • Mobile loading dock for remote locations
  • Cuts down Your logistic costs over 50%
  • ROI for investment can often be reached in one delivery project

How it works

  • Independent battery operated hydraulic lifting system
  • Easy connection to regular forklift
  • Uses standard pallets
  • Easy take to use
  • High quality materials and components ensure a durable product
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Proven to work from the Arctic Circle to Australia

Load & unload

Improve logistics with more efficient truck or container loading and unloading. Load and unload any cargo into a standard sea container.

Download a technical brochure

Includes more detailed information about FL40, HD40 and HD20M as well as profitability comparison.

Load and unload cargo safer and more efficiently with Simec hauling beam technology

Simec Systems’ products make handling easier for long, heavy, fragile, valuable, large or special-shaped cargo. Load and unload cargo into a container safely and with no extra fastening. Simec loading system is ideal for loading and unloading large machine parts, machine tools, boats, expensive cargo and refined materials.







Distribute weight evenly to the entire length

Simec Systems’ products are based on hauling beam technology, which allows you to load and unload any type of cargo into a normal sea container. Hauling beams distribute the weight of the cargo evenly along the entire length of the beams. Beams are available for 20-, 40- and 45-foot containers.

Control the whole logistic process


Pack the whole cargo outside of the container. Products will be loaded and fastened on to a special pallet.


Cargo will be moved into the container. No extra fastening to the structure of container needed. Our pallets are designed to fit perfectly into the container.


Cargo will be shipped safely to the destination where it will be unloaded with the same method. Safely and without damages.


To ensure excellent performance throughout the product life cycle, we continuously test our products in harsh conditions guaranteed to wear down any equipment. We have designed all our equipment for heavy-duty work and extreme conditions.

“Sea container loading system developed by Simec Systems’ brings benefits throughout the logistics chain.”

Load smarter – without damages


We provide maintenance service for all of our products. Long lifecycle is even longer with regular and scheduled maintenance. Maintenance of the loading systems is part of our customer support.


One of the best features of our products is modularity. Length, width and many other features are tailorable for your purpose of use. Modify a loading system to your logistic needs.

Customer service

Flexible customer service and continuous consulting are included in all Simec Systems’ products. We genuinely want you to get the most value out from our products.