FL Forklift Accessories

Fast, single shot Container Loading solution. Load up to 32 tons in 2 minutes

HD Loading Platform

Adjustable height platform to create efficient loading solution in any environment

SK Moving Floor

Based on Walking Floor technology, provides a quick multi-pallet loading solution

PW Pallet Wide Loader/Unloader

Adjustable beam configuration creates fast loading and unloading solution for palletised cargo

Truck container loading and unloading solutions

Simec Systems specialises in Truck and Container Loading and Unloading solutions – from inexpensive manual Forklift Accessories to fully automated ATLS Loading Docks and Platforms

 Get a modern solution for your warehouse loading and unloading operations with a customized automatic device. Our machines simply cut down on the cost and time of loading and unloading goods from trucks. The products are designed to handle a variety of products and can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. With our Special Product Loading equipment, you can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing labor costs. 

Maximize productivity with our range of loading and unloading machines that are engineered to handle heavy loads with ease. Our machines are equipped with advanced technology that ensures the safe and reliable handling of products, making them ideal for a wide range of industries.

Do you ship long heavy products? Do you have trouble loading them? Do You load large volumes of steel, wood or even cardboard pallets into containers or trucks?

We can help you!

Cargo loading solutions

Large heavy cargo loading solutions

Pallet loading solutions

Reduce Loading/Unloading times by more than 70%

  • Increase container and truck capacity up to 2 cubic meters
  • Investment payback even after just after 9 loadings
  • Avoid product damages during the loading and unloading
  • Easy to use – no special expertise needed
  • Make significant cost savings annually

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Automated loading and unloading equipment

Simec Systems provides automated loading and unloading equipment, giving our clients immediate ROI.

Safety and productivity increased. Our systems are in use around the world.

Business Case SIMEC SK40 Moving Floor 

An Asian manufacturing company loads 22 containers per day and ships them to Europe. Simec Systems offered its SK40 Moving Floor, with Simec AutoSight, for their special low-level pallets.

NOTE: SK40 Moving Floor needs only 25mm under the load and 30mm above the cargo during the loading.

  • Less product damages during the loading: ~46 Eur
  • Saved time in loading: 69 Eur
  • Truck turnaround time savings: 28 Eur
  • Savings with Increased capacity in the container by 1,8 cubic meters: 624 Eur
  • Savings per shipment: 767Eur
  • Shipped containers per Year: 4400 Units

Total savings per Year:  3 374 800 Eur

Investment payback after 469 loadings

First year total savings: 3 014 800 Eur

Over 1000 engineering projects completed since 1968.

Outbound and inbound logistics systems sold to all continents. Strongly expanding global Simec Systems support network.

Download a technical brochure

Download a technical brochure

Includes more detailed information about our products as well as profitability comparison.