Fully automated ATLS Pallet


With Simec pallet loading systems, pallet load forming and truck loading take just minutes.

With Simec pallet loading systems, both pallet load forming and truck loading take just minutes. Our material handling and loading systems also increase worker safety and prevent Loading and Unloading damages.

With the Simec SK40 Moving Floor system our customers can load pallets in any direction or combination (tetris type loading) to trucks and containers in just minutes.

With a smart loading and unloading solution, it’s easy to manage the goods receipt and dispatch processes at the warehouse docks. ATLS (Automated Truck Loading Systems) have become the ideal solution for improving agility and safety. It hardly takes much time to unload a truck, additionally, it is done without an individual’s physical effort.

Meticulously designed ATLS give you a pleasant time to load and unload boxes and, hence, improve productivity in your warehouse. When handling heavy goods and stock flows that demand speed, automating truck loading and unloading is very effective. Automation provides installations with a wide range of benefits in addition to agility, including operator and product safety. In industries like the food and pharmaceutical ones, safety is a necessity. Do not hesitate to get in touch with simecsystems if you believe it is time to increase both throughput and safety in your installation. We’ll give you advice and demonstrate all the benefits automation has for the entire supply chain.

With Simec AutoSight, the truck storage area is scanned in seconds and our loading equipment angle, height and horizontal positioning is adjusted to the truck position in a few minutes. With Simec PK Pallet Wide Loader/Unloader system it is possible to use the conveyor feed to form your pallet load prior to a one shot load. This solution also provides an unload option for pallets too. Simec Systems offers significant cost savings in manpower, loading & unloading speed, product safety and truck turnaround time.




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