Are You Loading or Unloading goods in a location where You do not have a Loading Dock ?
HD Loading Platform provides our Loading/Unloading system but also creates the Loading Dock.

HD Loading Platform

With the HD Loading Platform You can load or unload Your products anywhere in the world. With height adjustment from 1000 to 1400mm You can ensure all trucks can utilize the HD platform. We also provide up/down, left/right angle adjustment in order to balance the system with Your truck position. HD loading platform can also be relocated at any time using our optional hydraulic wheel system.

HD Loading Platform

  • Speeds up loading of long heavy items up to 75 %
  • Relocatable to a new location any time
  • Independent beam movement system (into/out of the truck or container)
  • Makes a Loading Dock in any location
  • Take to use in 30 Minutes
  • Safe to Use

HD Loading Platform Business Use Case

An international mining company facility had a challenge shipping construction elements and modules to various construction project locations in Africa. The solution was to send the Simec HD20 in a container to the construction site and pull it out there. This created a Loading and Unloading Platform for the construction site. Take to use for Simec HD20 was 1 hour from arrival.

  • Cost saving in ability to use 20ft DC containers instead of OT containers: 650 Eur
  • Cost savings in loading and unloading without a crane: 380 Eur
  • Packing cost savings: 245 Eur
  • 20ft containers shipped annually: 219 units
  • Annual cost savings: 255 725 Eur
  • Payback of the HD20 System after 18 loadings


HD Loading platforms

HD20 Loading Platform

HD40 Loading Platform

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