Provides both a Loading and Unloading solution for Pallets.

Loading: Conveyor feed allows a forklift to load pallets, which are then fed onto the platform and with the platform at a slight angle down towards the truck/container, the momentum and the rollers built into the platform allow the load to be continuously formed. Once formed, the beams slide the cargo into the container, then drop to release the cargo, and slide out.

Unloading: A reverse of the Load process. The beams slide into the truck/container, under the pallets, they raise the cargo and slide the whole load out. With the platform at a slight angle towards the conveyor, then the cargo loads to the conveyor for the forklift to handle.


PW Pallet Wide Loader/Unloader Business Use Case

An Indian manufacturing company used standard pallets in 40ft PW containers when shipping its products to Europe and USA. Their problems in Production were the slow speed with which their logistics could get the goods out of the factory, and trying to avoid product loading damages which occurred often. Simec Systems PW40 system enabled them to speed up the logistics processes tremendously.

  • Savings in annual product damages per shipped container on average: 119 Eur
  • Saved time in loading: 112 Eur
  • Truck turnaround time savings: 68 Eur

Total  savings per shipment: 299 Per container 

Per container Shipped containers per Year: 1100 

  • Investment payback after 217 loadings 
  • First year total savings: 263 900 Eur

PW40 Pallet Wide Loader/Unloader

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