FL-20 Forklift Accessory

20 FT long beam loading and unloading forklift accessory. Usable for loading 20 FT containers or up to 20 FT loads into 40/45 FT containers


  • Cargo weight 10-30 tonnes
  • Beam Length: 5581mm/ 219,7 in. Width 171 mm / 6,7 in
  • Loading/unloading cargo length 1 – 6 m (1 – 20 FT)
  • Max lifting power with Simec Systems hydraulic beams:
    • with 2 beams: 16 000 kg / 35 273 lb
    • with 3 beams: 26 000 kg / 57 320 lb
    • with 4 beams: 32000 kg / 70 547 lb
  • Low independent energy consumption: 15-20 loadings with one battery charge
  • Own rapid charger for 110/220 V (charging time 1 hour)

Simec Container Loading platform

If Your container is placed on the ground we can provide you a special Container loading platform so You can use our FL Forklift products efficiently. It adjust the height difference between the ground and container and creates a safe loading area with guiding rails on top of the platform.

Guiding Rails for FL Forklift accessory


Used to steer the FL system directly to the container

Bolt 10 mm high U-profile rails to the floor leading
to the container loading point

Supports the FL to go directly into the container

Transport of the Simec FL forklift series
Simec FL Forklift series can be delivered assembled
ready to use – or packed efficiently for the transport
Ready to be shipped: Simec Systems FL-40
with Simec Container loading platform

We are ready to lead you into the future of logistics.