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Questions and Answers


Can the FL40 be used without SimecSystems loading platform?

Yes you can. The loading platform helps to load very long and heavy loads into the container because it guides the FL40 shafts into the container to exactly the right place. The height and distance of the loading dock to the container to be loaded can also be adjusted to optimum with SimecSystem loading platform

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Loading is possible without a SimecSystems loading platform if the loading dock is at the same height as the container. In addition, there must be no gap between the loading dock and the container.

If we have a ramp directly leading to the container, what is the maximum angle it can be in?

2 degrees.

Can the position of the beams be changed freely in the width direction?

Yes you can. The handles are freely movable with quick-release fasteners in the maximum width of the device

Does the machine lift the load evenly over the entire length of the drawbar?


If the SimecSystems LoadingDock is not used and there is a rise (ramp or bevel) between the loading dock and the container when loading the container, how high can it be so that the load can still be transferred to the container with the device

The maximum height difference between the container and loading bridge +/- 20mm

If the SimecSystems Loading Platform is used and there is a gap or opening between the container and the loading deck, how long can it be, for example, to allow loading?


What happens if there is a gap between the loading level and the container?

If the height difference between the floor and the container floor is more than 20mm then the Simec Platform is needed to adjust the height, approx 150mm. Note there can also be a 300mm horizontal gap between the loading dock and the container.

We have a ramp dock. Assuming the fork truck mast is leaned all the way forward, will we be able to stay attached to the FL40 system while the fork truck is partially down the ramp? Just to be clear, the system will remain on the horizontal section, only the fork truck will be on the angled ramp.

Yes, the FL system can handle this. We can support such angles for load/unload

How many pieces does a single beam consist of, and what is the length of the single beam?

The standard beam consists of a base beam which is connected to the truck’s push bar. The length of the base beam is the same as the other beams, each connected to the base beam with a joint and connecting bolts. The standard FL40 whole beam consists of three 3.98m beams. The FL 20 rod consists of two 2.7 m beams.

The dock height for the door the FL40 will be loading needs a 5” ramp for the rear of the trailer to be level with the dock. This sets the front of the trailer lower than the rear when loading leaving about a 1° angle between the floor of the dock and the floor of the trailer. Is that something we are going to be okay with?

Yes this is no problem at all for the FL40

What material is it made of?

Special steel. The beams are electro-galvanized.

What is the cost-effective Simec Floor Rail solution?

Our Guiding Rails are recommended to attach to the platform deck. This is an accessory that basically guarantees the beams move in the right direction to ensure successful load of the cargo.

Can we have operation with the truck's hydraulics

Yes, it also works when connected to the truck’s auxiliary hydraulics

Does the product have the CE mark?


Do you provide the product with operation and maintenance instructions?

A User and Maintenance manual is provided

Are spare parts available for the device and how is it arranged?

Yes. We provide this as part of the delivery package. This consists of spare connecting bolts for the beams, two extra wheels plus axles, assembly tools, and lifting hooks. We can support post delivery too, but this has never been necessary so far.

Can the device be sent to the manufacturer for service

Yes, but it may not make sense. The dealer should be trained to service

How do I charge the device battery? Does the battery come with a charging system?

Yes it does, but dependent on the country of delivery (mains voltage and electrical safety)

We use 110-220 Vac @ 60 Hz – is your system compatible?

Yes it is.

What are the temperature restrictions for battery charging and discharging?

We use standard car batteries so they work from Middle East to Alaska. The reason for using standard car batteries is that they can be replaced anywhere.

What is the estimated life of the battery system in charge cycles?

3 years

How long is the operating time of the device with one battery charge when the device is used continuously under normal conditions?

Approx. 14 loads.

Can I get the device with better battery life?

Spare battery more practical

What is the voltage input for charging the batteries?

The battery is 12V / 65aH standard (car battery) So the car battery charger works.

How long is the battery charging time?

Approximately 4-6h

What kind of oil should be used in the hydraulic unit?

Basic hydraulic oil AW32 (Teboil / Castrol) 10 litre. Recommended change interval is 3 years

What is the advantage of your solution over another company?

Some other competitors require special rails inside the container so that the device can be operated. This slows down container loading measure. Some have devices pushed by hand and require more people. Other devices have specially designed parts where there is no certainty about durability. Simec’s lifting technology has been tested and is capable of lifting large weights. The Simec device is pushed with a forklift, quickly, and withstands heavy loads.


Can SimecSystems organise the transport to Customer international locations?

Yes we can. We constantly ship our products around the world. We only use international and large transport companies that have transport insurance for their operations.

How to pack the device for transport?

The device is packed in an export package in a strong wooden box.


What are the Payment Terms?

30% when ordering. 70% on delivery. 15 days Net

Has serious damage occurred while using the device?

No. It’s a towing device not lifting. It doesn’t require yearly inspections. It is inexpensive to use. Follow the instructions and everything is ok

How long has the device has been on the market?

Since 2018


Can you let us know about a customer who is currently using your equipment?

Yes we can. Goldstar Transport (Australia), Transval Oy(Finland), SCT Perth(Australia), LS Cargo(China&Finland). Valmet paper machines (in Finland) use SimecSystems equipment in several locations around the world.



How long is the product warranty?

The product warranty is 12 months. The warranty conditions are included in the NL 17 delivery terms

General agreement terms

What are the general terms and conditions of delivery of the product?

We use NL 17 general terms and conditions.

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