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Tips and Tricks for Container Stuffing to Avoid Losses

Protecting consignment is the duty of the logistics department in order to deliver quality services to the clients. On-site losses are avoidable by correct lashing and container stuffing. Embark your business by preventing unnecessary losses of money, time, and efficiency. Get insight tips for great business deals and improve your relationships.

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Every year thousands of consignments pass through ships, flights, and roadways, where massive freight movement causes damage to the parcel due to poor Container Stuffing. Over the years millions of dollars worth of losses to freight damage. However, this can be avoidable by the right planning, stuffing, and de-stuffing of the containers used for shipping freight. 

Often due to poor handling causing the damage, using tech-savvy equipment will allow you to place items in the containers. Truck and container loading and unloading solutions fully automate the process, save time, money and prevent accidents by all means. 

The Core of Right Container Stuffing 

Once you choose the containers and the pre-packing process is checked off, it’s time to focus on stuffing.

Read Instruction: Most of the carton has the signs and instructions to carry the box, such as “This side up”. Holding it rightly will save the item.

Fragile Items: Heavy and fragile items are more sensitive to load and most commonly cause freight damage.  The best is distributing cargo over the floor area, avoiding concentrating heavy loads on a fraction of the surface. 

Void spaces:  Use dunnage to stuff empty gaps between cargo to cushion items and prevent damage. You can place wooden beams, bare pallets, simple foam, and inflatable bags to avoid damage.

Dangerous cargo: Shipping dangerous goods has specific guidelines that must be followed, so doing so will help to prevent damage and ensure the safety of all parties involved. 

Among this, it is crucial to place heavier items over fragile or sensitive items, as they could damage the container on impact or during movement. To maintain a low container center of gravity, heavier goods should be placed below lighter cargo.

Take all these necessary measures and transport your cargo safely. And for all the other unforeseen events, rely on truck container loading and unloading solutions. This solution will lift the parcel and safely place it in the container. A professional service will take care of your parcel and all logistics without putting the consignment at risk. Choose wisely.

At Simec Systems, you explore modern solutions for your warehouse loading and unloading operations with a customized automatic device.  Our equipment merely reduces the price and time associated with loading and unloading cargo from vehicles while preventing accidents during Container Stuffing. The items can be customized to match the needs of the client and are made to handle a variety of goods. You may boost production and efficiency while cutting labor expenses with our Special Product Loading equipment. 

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