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Simec Systems

Simec Systems has comprehensive offerings to provide automatic truck loading and unloading systems for its clients. Simec Systems offers a variety of products from manual truck and container loading and unloading systems to fully automated ATLS truck loading machines.

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Simec products can be used to load and unload trucks, containers, airplanes and ocean ships. Simec truck and container loading solutions make the loading fast and safe without large investments. Our systems are also very easy to use and operate and do not need long trainings or take to use time.

With the Simec Automation system, truck and container loading solutions turn into automated loading robots. Simec loading automation positions our loading platforms and loading docks rapidly to truck or container height and angle. It also measures automatically the cargo space and prohibits product damages during the loading process.

No matter whether you are using shipping containers or trucks, a Simec Systems Loading Platform can make the loading fast and safe for any purpose. Simec Systems container loading machines allow product loading from the ground level and on from the truck loading height. Our ATLS (automated truck loading systems) integrate the Simec automation PLC system to our smart hydraulic beam technology.

Mechanical loading equipment integrates seamlessly to forklifts and warehouse MHE systems when loading and unloading cargo. They ensure the loading and unloading is safe and fast. Simec Systems can be used for loading trucks and containers but also to unload them. Naturally container loading and unloading is similarly possible. The Simec Loading Platform replaces the need for Forklift ramps for containers. Simec Loading Platform and Loading Dock solutions raise from 1000mm to 1400mm, enabling the system to adjust the height with the arriving trucks.

Our systems can be placed at the loading dock, container loading ramp, loading area or at the  forklift ramps. Simec loading equipment is fully adjustable for different kinds of needs and environments.

Simec Systems specialises in two business areas when loading goods in trucks and containers: –

  1. Heavy and long product loading and unloading
  2. Volume pallet loading and unloading.

Simec Systems utilizes its smart beam technology to enable solutions for heavy and long product loading for shipping containers, trailers and trucks. Simec FL Forklift Accessories can use a 2 ton Forklift to become a 32 ton, automated truck and container loading machine.

Simec Systems automated pallet loading system can turn our customer loading dock area to an automated loading dock robot that fully adjusts to the truck movements and position.

There are many kinds of shipping container loading and unloading equipment out there. Simec SK40 Walking Floor is the only system in the world system which increases container and truck loading capacity by 2 cubic meters using any kinds of pallets in any pallet direction (tetris container and truck loading). The SK40 Walking Floor loading height is just 25 mm and space needed over the cargo is only 30mm. Simec SK Walking floor is the only shipping container loading system that can do this for any kinds of pallets no matter if they are made from steel, wood or cardboard. This allows our clients to speed up the loading but also save millions of euros in their domestic and overseas freight transportation.

It doesn’t matter if you have a forklift loading a container or a truck with pallets, or if you have special long products to be loaded into ocean freight containers, Simec products can speed up your loading process and increase transport capacity. Simec Systems enables our clients millions of Euros and Dollars cost savings in logistics processes every year and helps also to decrease carbon monoxide load on the environment.

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