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FL Forklift Series

Load/Unload pallets or large heavy items in a single movement

FL Forklift Series

Lifts 30 Tons using just a 2 Ton forklift

HD Loading Platform Series

Load and Unload a truck anywhere

HD Loading Platform Series

Adjustable height with an angle – Wheels available

Автоматизована система завантаження вантажівок (ATLS). Завантажуйте довгі важкі предмети зі стандартними піддонами у вантажівки та контейнери. Навантажуйте до 32 тонн лише 2 -тонним навантажувачем. Скоротіть час очікування вантажівки понад 90%. Заощаджуйте понад 50% витрат на логістику. Використовується у всьому світі.


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“The SIMEC Loading Systems helped us a lot in order to load our long rolls into Standard Containers and therefore to realize the transport to our customer by railway instead of the much more expensive transport by truck. Also the build-up and usage of the SIMEC tools is easy and works flawless”

Fabian Lindner

Voith Group, Shipping Netplan Team – pecsn, Germany

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Over 1000 engineering projects completed since 1968. Outbound and inbound logistics systems sold to all continents. Strongly expanding global Simec Systems support network.

FL Forklift series

HD Loading platform series