Simec HD Loading Platform Series

Are You unloading or loading goods in a location where You do not have a loading doc ?
HD Loading Platform provides you the Loading and Unloading system but also the Loading Dock.

With Simec Loading Platform You can load or unload Your products anywhere in the world. With height adjustment from 1000 to 1400 mm You can assure all trucks can utilize the HD platform. We also provide angle adjustment in order to balance the system with Your truck position.
HD loading platform can also be relocated at any time using our the wheel system
  • Speeds up loading of long heavy items up to 75 %
  • Movable to new location any time
  • Independent beam movement system (In and out of the truck/container)
  • “Make a loading Dock anywhere”
  • Take to use in 30 Min
  • Safe to use

HD-20 Loading Platform Series

HD-40 Loading Platform Series

USA based manufacturing company. Open top containers are very hard to find and they are also more expensive than normal containers. USA based manufacturing company wanted to change their logistics entirely to standard 40 FT containers in order to ensure their shipments in time and save money.

  • Extra cost of using open top overseas container: ~1000 eur
  • Being late for deliveries – estimated cost per sent container: 380 Eur
  • Loading time saving: 345 eur
  • Unloading time saving: 395 eur
  • Packing material savings: 380 eur
  • Packing time saving: 280 eur
  • Truck saving time cost saving from transport company: 90 eur

Total savings: 2870 eur
Simec Systems FL 40 purchase ROI after 9,7 container shipments

Shipping long heavy products to China from Europe

A Scandinavian production equipment manufacturer wanted to ship expensive and vulnerable products to Asia. Products required very good protection that closed cargo container would provide. Products were also very heavy and their packing was very difficult. They had tried multiple ways how to load and unload goods to a cargo container without success when they found Simec Systems.

Simec Systems FL 40 purchase ROI after 1 container shipment

Broken chemical IBC container when using standard forklift:

Chemical manufacturing company had an average 2-3 broken IBC containers accidents during the loading per year on average. This affected the working safety and also increased costs. With Simec Systems they can load chemicals much safer and also save money.

  • Cleaning of the hazardous chemicals: 4100 eur
  • Closing the loading area for 1 day: 3900 eur
  • Lost product: ~2300 Eur

+ Depending of the product hazardous severity level possible government related penalties / costs and company administrative expenses

Total cost savings using Simec Systems FL 40 Forklift accessory per year: 22400 – 33600 eur annually
Simec Systems FL 40 purchase ROI within one year

Aluminium extrusion manufacturing company

Aluminum extrusion company had a challenge packing goods into a 40 FT container. With Simec Systems FL 40 company was able to make loading much faster and also use all capacity of the container.

  • Increased capacity in container ~2 cubic meters with Simec Systems FL 40
  • Current cost shipping a container from Asia to Europe: 22 000 eur
  • Increased capacity cost saving per container 693 Eur
  • Loading cost saving: 270 eur
  • Unloading time cost saving: 290 eur
  • Packing material savings: 380 eur
  • Packing time saving: 280 eur
  • Truck saving time cost saving from transport company: 90 eur

Total cost saving per container: 2003 eur
Simec Systems FL 40 purchase ROI after 14 container shipments

European distribution and sales company

A European distributor had a challenge with products loaded into a container without pallets in China. They wanted to empty the containers faster and without extra costs. The solution was to buy FL 40 to China into the manufacturing company premises.

  • 2 cubic meters lost when using low level pallets in container: – 693 eur
  • Cost of unpacking and storing the goods at EU warehouse by hand from a container: 1465 eur

Total cost saving per container: 770 eur
Simec Systems FL 40 purchase ROI after 36 containers

We are ready to lead you into the future of logistics.