Simec GH Loader

  • Do You Want to load pallets and long products without disturbing the other operations in Your logistics area ?
    • Use Simec GH Loader and embed it to Your loading dock floor
  • Do You Want to pre-load the pallets before truck arrival at your facility ?
  • Then make the loading in 2 minutes
  • Simec GH Loader is loadable by forklift from the side and from the rear of the GH loader
  • Do You Want to use cheap standard lorries instead of side loader trucks ?
  • Do You want to move your loading and unloading ability from one site to another at any time ?
    • Place the Simec GH loader on top of a truck
  • Beams raise up from the level platform box, then separately lift the pallets
  • Automatically Slide into the truck/container
  • Pallets can be preloaded on the system before truck arrival
  • GH Loader can be:
    • Embedded into loading dock
    • Installed on top of a truck
    • Installed separately on top of the Simec HD20/40 Loading Platform base
  • Take to use in 30 Min
  • Safe to use

Unloading & Moving to Local warehouse
On average: 2400 Eur

  • Sidelifter truck: Expensive cargo
  • Crane: Expensive Rent
  • Uploading: Takes multiple man hours


Truck operating cost: 520 Eur
Simec GH Loader calculated use-cost: 30 Eur

Total cost: 550 Eur

Cost saving: 1850 Eur per loading
ROI after: 39 loadings
Cost savings after 100 loadings: 110000 Eur

GH 20 

GH 40



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