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Load a sea container efficiently

The sea containers are the most efficient way to ship products all around the world, but they are also quite challenging to load and unload. In this article, we’ll tell you how to load and unload a sea container most efficiently.

Before action

Check the guidelines of weight distribution in a sea container. Distribute the weight of the cargo evenly to the entire area of the container’s floor.

Design how your cargo is going to fit into the container. Use cargo planning applications to simulate the space, especially if you have mixed size products. Make sure that you use all the space available in the container.

A stable environment is essential for worker safety. A loading bay is ideal, but any flat surface is suitable. A loading dock from Simec Systems adds a safe loading bay in any area.

Container loading device

Container loading device from Simec Systems


Load your cargo carefully. The loading work is often the most fragile moment for the freight. Use proper tools, always lift and move products safely. To avoid loading damages, try to load an entire cargo in one shot.


We can’t forget the unloading! If loading can sometimes be severe, unloading can be even more. That’s why you have to read more about hauling beam technology. The unloading process is as fragile as the loading part, so be careful (if you don’t use this method).

Shape, weight and length of the cargo define the most efficient way to load and unload it.


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Visit our Youtube or Linkedin page to see more. Simec Systems’ products are based on hauling beam technology, which allows you to load and unload any type of cargo into a normal sea container. Hauling beams distribute the weight of the cargo evenly along the entire length of the beams. Beams are available for 20-, 40- and 45-foot containers.

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