A Loading Platform with adjustable height, to create level loading surface which allows single push efficient loading/unloading for containers on trucks.


HD20/40/45 platforms have a hydraulic system to adjust the loading height to suit the Client’s needs. All 4 legs can work independently to create the level loading surface, or even to have the platform at e.g. the same angle as the container, to ensure smooth loading. The platform can be raised to 1200 mm and lowered to a 400 mm height. Angle lifting of the platform is also possible to enable truck loading in various situations. The beams on the platform work the same as the FL series, with the power generated from an electrical conveyor to move the beams. The system only needs a regular 3-phase connection. We also provide the option of adding base wheels, adjusted by hydraulics, to allow more mobility of the platform.

Z Cargo weight 10-30 tonnes
Z Cargo length 1-14 m (3-46 FT)
Z Low energy consumption
Z Non-lifting Equipment
Z Controlled logistic process
Z No freight damages
Z Save on freight expenses

With our HD20/40/45 you can use standard pallets for loading the goods. The system is operated by one person, and training to use the system takes 1 hour. Take to use takes approximately 2 hours on the first time. After that system is ready to use immediately any time.

For optimal performance, use the HD20/40/45 as an extension to your existing loading platform in production or manufacturing facilities. It has been designed to provide robust performance for production facilities with regular loading and unloading operations. Its versatile hydraulic functions make loading articulated lorries of different heights easy, plus the high performance level is ideal for loading/unloading large and heavy cargo.

We are ready to lead you into the future of logistics.