Attach FL20/40/45 to a forklift and load or unload an entire sea container in one go. If you have a loading ramp available, truck loading is easy and fast with our product also.

FL20/40/45 has an independent hydraulic and battery system which is used to raise and lower the beams during the load/unload process. It is not attached to the forklift’s power or electrical systems. Only the forklift’s weight and power transmission are needed to move the cargo forwards and backwards. For example, a 2-tonne counterweight forklift attached to FL40 can easily move 20 tonnes of cargo.

Z Cargo weight 10-30 tonnes
Z Min forklift size: 2 Tons
Z Cargo length 1-14 m (3-46 FT)
Z Low energy consumption
Z Controlled logistic process
Z No freight damages
Z Save on freight expenses

With our FL20/40/45 you can use standard pallets for loading the goods. The system is operated by one person, and training to use the system takes 1 hour. Take to use takes approximately 1 hour depending upon the system usage location.

FL20/40/45 can be used with the Simec Loading Platform underneath (Guiding Rails already attached) which enables container loading and unloading on the ground. If you have a truck loading ramp/dock available, then the Guiding Rails (only 10 mm high) can be bolted independently to the floor. They do not affect using other lifting equipment in the same location. If you do not have a truck loading ramp available, please check the Simec Loading ramp product which can provide you with a moveable loading ramp, with lifting ability.

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