FL Forklift – loading and unloading

forklift accessory

FL Forklift

  • Speed up loading by 50% and cut ocean freight costs by 20%.
  • Easy to use by any kind of forklift
  • Load 32 tons with 2 ton forklift
  • Most cost efficient loading and unloading system in the world
  • FL Forklift Accessory products are patented and cost efficient loading and unloading systems.
  • With FL Forklift Accessory You can move and lift 32 Tons with a 2 Ton forklift in and out of a truck or a cargo container.

FL 20

FL 40

FL 45

Low Beam

Load & unload smarter

Improve logistics with more efficient truck or container loading and unloading. Load and unload any cargo into a standard sea container.

Load and unload cargo safer and more efficiently with Simec hauling beam technology

Simec Systems’ products make handling easier for long, heavy, fragile, valuable, large or special-shaped cargo. Load and unload cargo into a container safely and with no extra fastening. Simec loading system is ideal for loading and unloading large machine parts, machine tools, boats, expensive cargo and refined materials.