FL Forklift Accessories

Load/Unload up to 32 tons in 2 minutes using just a 2 ton forklift

FL Forklift

  • Speed up Loading by 50% and cut ocean freight costs by 20%.
  • Easy to use with any kind of forklift
  • Load 32 tons with 2 ton forklift
  • Most cost efficient Loading and Unloading system in the world
  • FL Forklift Accessory products are patented
  • With FL Forklift Accessories You can move and lift 32 Tons with a 2 Ton Forklift into/out of a truck or cargo container.

FL Forklift Accessory Business Use Case

A USA based manufacturing company wanted to change their logistics entirely to standard 40ft DC Containers in order to ensure their shipments are on time and to save money. Previously had needed to use a mixture of Open Top Containers and DC Containers.

  • Extra cost of using OT overseas container: ~1000 Eur
  • Being late for deliveries – estimated cost per sent container: 380 Eur
  • Loading time saving: 345 Eur
  • Unloading time saving: 395 Eur
  • Total yearly shipments: 3200
  • Packing material savings: 380 Eur
  • Packing time saving: 280 Eur
  • Reduced truck time turnaround cost saving from transport company: 90 Eur

Total savings: 2870 Eur per loading
Simec Systems FL40 purchase ROI after 9.7 Container shipments

FL Forklift Accessories

FL20 Forklift Accessory

FL40 Forklift Accessory

FL45 Forklift Accessory

Load and unload cargo safer and more efficiently with Simec hauling beam technology

Simec Systems’ products make handling easier for long, heavy, fragile, valuable, large or special-shaped cargo. Load and unload cargo into a container safely and with no extra fastening. Simec loading system is ideal for loading and unloading large machine parts, machine tools, boats, expensive cargo and refined materials.

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