Gold Star Transport

Goldstar Transport, Australia

Sean Caron is the managing director of Gold Star Transport in Australia. Gold Star Transport started the business in 2004. Company started out cutting steel and they have over 300 people in the business now.Gold Star Transport moves a large amount of steel and aluminum extrusion style products.

“We handle the product from the port through our distribution centre to the end customer. This includes de-stuffing the container sorting the product and making sure the customers get the right product in the right time.” 

Getting the steel out of the containers often presented some challenges for the company.  After extensive research around the world and looking at the different systems available Gold Star Transport felt that Simec Systems FL 40 was the best product for them. 

“At Simec Systems They went to really great lengths to make sure the product was suitable” says Sean Caron.  “The effort that they put into making sure the product would do the job for us was second to none and at the end of the day the people, I mean the product is really solid. But the people and the effort that they put into to make sure it would do the job for us was really key to our decision to buy the fL 40 in the end.